Just getting back to housekeeping

It's been a while. Still in school. Doing a little site clean up. 

Tragedy! A Malware attack has wiped out the forum!

The forum is down for now. Please read my statement on the forum page.

And for everyone else, yes I am still here, just very busy. Feel free to contact me.

GardenBot is hibernating

Thanks to all who tried to keep the project going. But I have no time for development currently (mainly do to school). So, GardenBot is on hold until further notice.

But... I am still paying for hosting, and don't plan to kill this project. Also, I am still working on getting people together to help create a new version of the website and GardenBot software, etc. If you have interest in helping get development back on track, I am happy to hear from you -- just use the contact page to send me a message.

Forum update

The forum is up and running well (so it seems). There was an issue with posting, but it has been resolved. Please feel free to visit our forum and join the conversation.

We have a forum

Due to several requests, I have created a forum for GardenBot. I've never launched a forum before, so bear with me.

Please post questions, comments, or things you've discovered so we can build a knowledge base for garden automation.

Visit the forum here.

I'm gonna be a grad student?

We're on the move! I will be starting grad-school in the fall at Ohio State, and we are moving to Columbus in a week. So... updates will be slow for a bit during this transition.

A little work on the water valve

The water valve and power module pages were badly in need of an update. They got a little love today (but only just a little).

GardenBot has a Facebook page
(if you like that sorf ot thing)

I'm sort of experimenting here. I've never used Facebook, and I'm terrible at blogging, so please bear with me. I'll try to remember to post on the new Facebook page whenever I post here so you can get updates that way.

The next version of AutoTalk is here

AutoTalk is the new framework that the next version of GardenBot (software) will be based upon. I have made some videos to help you get started -- in just 10 minutes.

Please check it out and send me feedback -- so I can work it into the next version.

Go to the AutoTalk project page.

Get that soil moisture sensor right already would ya!

Okay, so I feel pretty silly. I posted that H-bridge circuit, and some of you out there (thank you by the way) brought it to my attention that I didn't actually need the H-bridge. Duh.

So, I have added a new-new circuit now on the soil moisture page in the How-To section. It's a super simple circuit, and will help you get the most out of your cheap DIY soil moisture sensor.

Some little fixes

I made some small changes to the soil temperature and brain modules (in the how-to section). And I want to say that I have learned heaps and heaps about proper software development over the last year, and I am realizing just how crude the current software package is -- my appologies to those users that are having trouble with it.

The good news is that the new version, Beta 2, of AutoTalk is nearly finished (I am gearing up to make a how-to video). The goal is to have a quick tour that will get you set up in just 10 minutes! More news coming soon.

The new H-bridge soil moisture sensor

The soil moisture sensor has a new design. The probes are the same, but there is a new circuit. We can now use the same cheap soil moisture sensor design, and yet get much longer operation.

Check out the soil moisture page in the How-To section.

New stuff in the works

There is a new design for the moisture sensor coming up. I am currently bench testing it to make sure it holds up. So far so good. Finally, a true cheap moisture sensor that lasts!

A big fix

The previous software package had serious issues. This is not a new version. But the current software package has been updated. I am very sorry if this caused any problems for anyone.

Check out the parts page for the new software package.


Happy New Year

Though my GardenBot is down for the season (winter here in the Northern hemisphere), I am working on new material for the site. I have been receiving many emails from users with suggestions and comments, and all this stuff is being worked into the new updates.

AutoTalk is here.

AutoTalk is a communication framework for simple communication between automation devices. It is what the next version of GardenBot will use to communicate with the web dashboard and other devices.

This first release is still rough, but has been tested and works as described.

Go to the AutoTalk project page.

AutoTalk is on the way.

I have the first version of the new messaging system working well. I now just need to put together a cleaned up version. The framework is called AutoTalk and will give you an easy way to create a web-based dashboard to control your GardenBot (or other automation project).

Things coming up in the next version:
  • Automation - GardenBot will be able to water your garden for you.
  • Messaging - Two way communication with the web, and it will be easier to rearrange data (for adding new sensors, etc.)
  • Dashboard - Remote control over your GardenBot while viewing the charts.

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